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- About The Brand -

Natural soap bars with ingredients. Aloe, lavender, eucalyptus, olive, honey, coffee, tee
Ingredient Commitment


As well as adding scent to natural soap, essential oils are used in soap making for their reputed health benefits – especially for the skin. Different oils are associated with different benefits, for example, ylang-ylang reputedly helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while lemon and sandalwood are both associated with treating acne.

Many essential oils have antibacterial or antimicrobial properties, while others are reported to help relieve pain and inflammation. Some soothe the senses, other are mood-lifting. As aforementioned, fragrance oils are added for scent alone – if you buy an aromatherapy soap, please check the label for fragrance or essential oil.

Essential oils are natural products and fragrance oil is synthetic; this doesn’t mean, however, that natural soaps should be avoided if they contain fragrance oil. As long as the oil is not harsh and constitutes less than one per cent of the soap’s ingredients, it should not be detrimental.

Meet the Owner

Founded by Victoria Kimbell in 2020, Xiou Xiou Petals has become a labor of love. Plagued over recent years by several surgeries, Victoria decided that one of the ways to get better was by practicing self-care. Becoming more aware of the chemicals that are in hair and skin care products, she developed a natural recipe for hand-crafted soaps. As friends and family confided their personal skin care issues to her, the more she researched various ingredients that she could implement into her soaps. Making them not only natural, but every ingredient has been handpicked and researched. 

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