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From Los Angeles to Las Vegas

It has been quite an adventure these last six months.

When we relocated to Las Vegas, we didn’t really know what to expect. We had an established client base in California and we knew what clients liked. California is always sunny and the weather is always good and we didn't have dry weather. But when we moved to Las Vegas the weather was pretty drastic one way or another. Either it’s super super hot and in the winter it’s super super cold. We weren’t sure how that was going to affect our sales or our client base, but we signed up for our first tradeshow and it went wonderfully. Everyone seem to take to the product really well. From packaging to the fragrances to even our display set up everyone was quite impressed with our company. We look forward to doing many more tradeshows here craft fairs, as well as actually establishing a brick and mortar. But for now we like for you to visit our website take a look around and feel free to leave suggestions for any product you might like us to carry or any new sense of fragrances he would like us to add.

Las Vegas is our new home, and it has inspired us to create, not only new scents in our line, but new product as well. From pet soap bars, to bath teas, we have it all. And we look forward to giving you more.

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