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Relaxing wax melts infused with Amethyst Crystal, blended with Lavender Oil and aligned to the Crown Chakra “My thoughts create reality. I connect to my highest wisdom and manifest a peaceful, calm world.” - Natural Beeswax - Pure Aromatherapy - Toxin Free - Environmentally Safe - Biodegradable - Healthy & Natural Ingredients - Hand poured in small batches Enhance your home or therapy with these tins of 20 mini heart melts for your oil burners.


Blended with lavender and geranium, invoking deep relaxation and release stress. Hints of fresh rosemary, basil and bergamot remind us of the beauty of nature and herbal healing, allowing nature to lead us towards our natural state of peace, freedom and well-being.


Remove all packaging. In the well of your oil burner, place 2-4 wax melts, depending on the size of your burner. Use with unscented tealight, keep out of reach from children and pets. Place oil burner on heat protected surface.Contains sweet almond oil

Zephorium Soul Tonic - Relaxing Lavender Wax Melts

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